Customized Design Service Advantages

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Lower initial cost

Eliminate the need to purchase, install, and maintain additional simulation software and computing hardware. Reduce software installation, compatibility, and hardware and software operation and maintenance costs.
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Predictable cost

Eliminate the unpredictable costs of managing, patching, and updating hardware and software. Reduce risk with expert management software and oversight of cloud security.
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Deploy now

After the project is established, it can be put into operation within a few hours, and it does not take months to become familiar with the operation of the simulation software. You can get design results and analysis reports directly in the cloud.
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Expand immediately to meet growing data or design needs. Reduce disruptions while maintaining service levels.
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Design Migration

Design data can be quickly deployed to new projects. Quickly prepare, visualize and analyze data to see trends and patterns. Perform rich analysis.
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Design Download

Select your favorite design drawings and directly download the mechanic files for research, saving time and development costs.
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Team Work

The project result sharing team can provide opinions and ideas in real time, and speed up the design process.
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Design Database

Extensive academic design database allows the team to have more inspiration. It can further expand AI self learning into more and produce more powerful designs.
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Free Client Software

browser, upload .s1p and fill in design specifications, and automatically generate S11 or VSWR images with design specifications
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Information security protection

We attach great importance to the security of the cloud infrastructure, and the use of two stage email authentication and maintenance can effectively prevent the leakage of customers' design data. Security tasks are shared by cloud providers and cloud customers.

Regardless of the cloud deployment, cloud customers are always responsible for protecting the security of their data and identities, on premises resources, and the cloud components they control.

Self purchased simulation software v.s . Helios Robot Soultion

01 Cost

02 Maintenance Fee

03 Concept

04 Simulation Setup

05 Antenna Design

06 Debug

07 Simulation report Data Analysis

08 Layout Preparation

09 Simulation Data

Antenna Supplier v.s. Helios Robot Solution

01 Cost

02 Engineer Experience Working Hour

03 Simulation Report

04 Design Layout

05 Customer Provide

06 Meeting

07 Experiment

08 Mass production and supply chain

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