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Start with the project card

Lists and cards are the modules on which the Jarvis system is designed to work. Further expansion through the functions of adding project time, project sponsor, and data viewing, copying, and sharing.
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Via the project's share button. You and your team can browse and edit the same project card in minutes, view design data from different perspectives from each professional, and share revisions to speed up the design process.
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Create your project

Just a few steps, project name, project data, goal setting, and the neural network setting can be completed within 10 minutes.
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Based on these forms, the engineering team will build corresponding electromagnetic models, deploy neural networks, and automate simulation scripts.

After confirming the button to send the project, you will receive a confirmation message automatically sent by the system, and a special person will contact you within a few hours to carry out the follow-up project implementation.
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Information required from you

Project Content Details Document, Institution File Name, Reference Design
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The project content should include at least the following information, such as antenna space size, operating frequency band, specifications, materials and other information.

Please provide the environment to be evaluated in the organization file. The engineering team will use this file to build an electromagnetic simulation environment for you.

For reference design, you can provide your own design drawings or other competing products, and AI will help you to re-plan and produce a new design.
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Specifications required from you

Antenna feeder length and size, bandwidth and efficiency specifications, number of overlapping bands
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The length and dimension of the antenna feeder can help to consider the loss of the feeder and increase the accuracy of the simulation.

Bandwidth and efficiency specifications, the information is about the code of neural network deployment, filling in correctly will help speed up the time of neural network deployment.

The number of overlapping belts, the neural network will use this data to train itself. The more data, the longer the time, but the more accurate the training, which helps to accelerate the design convergence. At least 100 times.
View your design results

See all the results in one picture

The design results you care about are presented in one graph. Antenna photos, bandwidth, efficiency at a glance.
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Design parameters, allowing you to view how many design parameters are used and what their respective values ​​are. Can be used to control antenna shape, feed point location, ground location, mechanism environmental variation, and matching component values.

The score represents the result of neural network training, and the higher the score, the better the design.

The number of overlapping zones represents the evolutionary generation.

leave a message to discuss

Share the same project with all colleagues for discussion and collaboration.
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Information includes message time and user information

If you need to download a specific file, you can directly leave a message to open it.

Service method (inquiries about fees)

  • Provide Specifications
  • Online meeting information confirmation
  • Quote and pay 50% deposit
  • Add a project online
  • Browse the results and choose your favorite design
  • Provide the need to download design drawings
  • Customer verification through simulation or experiment
  • The second round of simulations is carried out if the specifications are not met
  • Pay the 50% balance before the end of service time
  • Case closed


What does the project card mean?
Lists and cards are the modules on which the Jarvis system is designed to work. Further expansion through the functions of adding project time, project sponsor, and data viewing, copying, and sharing.
What information is needed to get started with the project?
What does the content of the project mean??
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